You spent a few hours ON A SATURDAY using Trigonometry to determine if a A Frame Hitch Crane and hitch extension will work with your astronomy van, so you can load your new 12″ SkyWatcherUSA FlexTube Collapsible Dobsonian telescope with SynScan and, more importantly, your 250 lb. 28″ Dobsonian telescope.

And, I enjoyed it. Yes, it’s true. I dearly love math and especially enjoy it when I get to use math so many others say they learned and have never used since. I use trigonometry and geometry often.

Trigonometry of van door opening, hitch location and length, and hitch crane setup

With these telescopes, and the several others I own, I conduct night sky tours for YMCA and Scout troops, destination management companies for conferences and corporate events, birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts, schools, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, RV parks, and anyone who just wants to better know the wonders of our night sky.

Sky-Watcher 12″ FlexTube Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope with SynScan

For more information or to schedule your Night Sky Tour (serving all of Southern California) call 858-848-0860 or email thebubblyone [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks for reading!!

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