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Sandy Eulitt, Owner and Founder of Stellar Experiences




Professor, Astronomy and Physics, Saddleback College

Masters of Science in Space Studies Coursework, American Public University, University of North Dakota

B.S., Space Studies, American Public University

Astrophysics and aerospace engineering coursework, UC San Diego, Saddleback College, Purdue University

A.A.S, Electrical Engineering Technology, Purdue University


Speaking Engagements and Presentations

Sandy Eulitt has been in space science and STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for over 20 years. She has been a keynote speaker at select events with presentations including: extra-solar planets, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), space telescopes, current and proposed ground-based telescopes, Kepler program, STEM education, the manned spaceflight program, space launch system (SLS), the status of women in physics, astronomy, and engineering, career and workforce development, Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Mars program, systems engineering skills transference, and space treaties. Sandy has presentations and demonstrations on over 150 space, astronomy and STEM Education topics. Sandy’s academic background includes coursework in space exploration, rocket propulsion, orbital mechanics, stellar astrophysics, relativity, telescopes and astronomical instruments and observing techniques, and near-Earth objects (NEO’s).


In additional to her training as a space scientist and astronomer, Sandy has served as a science educator at Saddleback College, Julian Starfest,Project ASTRO, the NASA Galileo Educator Network teacher workshop (GEN), San Diego Air and Space Museum Space Day, San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering, the Reuben H. Fleet Center Stars in the Park program, and informal community events for the 2012 Transit of Venus, 2012 solar eclipse, Space Shuttle Endeavor flyover and landing, new moon weekend star parties, space shuttle launches, and has organized neighborhood night sky observing parties. She also has participated in key space and astronomy conferences such as: the AIAA annual Space and Joint Propulsion Conferences (JPC), American Astronomical Society (AAS) conferences, Southern California Astronomy Expo (SCAE), and the National Space Society’s (NSS) International Space Development Conference (ISDC). Sandy serves as an AIAA Stem Emissary, having completed the AIAA Engineers as Educators training, is the San Diego Project ASTRO assistant facilitator, and has served on the AIAA Career and Workforce Development Committee, with ties to the AIAA K-12 Education Outreach Committee. Sandy imparts her extensive knowledge to the next generation as a physics tutor, along with math, chemistry, astronomy and computer science tutoring. As a science educator of all levels, she is able to integrate the Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into her presentation or demonstration, where appropriate. Prior to her career in astronomy, space science, and STEM Education, Sandy was a longtime amateur astronomer and was actively involved in the Oceanside Photo and Telescope Astronomical Society (OPTAS) and Riverside Telescope Makers Conference and Astronomy Expo (RTMC AE). Recently, she conducted a star party for the Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater and Lake Cuyamaca campground. She has is a former software engineer and database administrator, with notable contributions to the National Virtual Observatory (NVO) Project, managed through CalTech (California Institute of Technology).


A life long “space cadet” and powerful advocate of STEM educational opportunities, Sandy Eulitt inspires learners of all ages and educational backgrounds towards the promises of a 21st century global economy and increased understanding of the universe in which we live and astronomy and space’s impact therein.





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