Search for ET enabled by Dr. Seth Shostak

I have long admired Dr. Shostak. To get to do the kind of work he does would be, I think, just about the most fun you could ever have. I had the pleasure of meeting Seth in July, 2009 as part of the Southern California Astronomy Expo (SCAE) lecture series. He made a very compelling argument that we would find proof of the existence of extra terrestrial intelligence within 20 years. Otherwise, he said, he would buy you a cup of coffee.


As part of my Masters in Space Studies coursework through the University of North Dakota  (UND), I used his book, “Life in the Universe,” for a class of the same name. It looks like the book may have been updated with the most recent results from the Kepler mission, and other efforts in our extrasolar planet hunt. It is GREAT to see Seth Shostak being featured in Astronomy magazine. I have always liked how they involved news from the professional astronomer community and integrated it into something readable by most amateur astronomers.

Here’s the article link: Astronomy magazine podcast with Seth Shostak

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