June 5 Transit of Venus – Location

Please be sure to arrive before 2:30 pm–and please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS below for important warnings. After hours and hours of scouting locations from the beach to the mountains yesterday, it is clear, and I use that word for a reason, that the viewing location...

Location Scouting Day

Today I’ll be busy scouting the hills and beaches of San Diego county and checking the weather for this Tuesday, June 5’s, Transit of Venus Viewing Party. Check back over the weekend, and I should have the location up.

Transit of Venus Viewing Party

I will be holding a Transit of Venus viewing party the night of June 5 in San Diego.  I will probably set up my BIG Celestron 25×100 astronomical binoculars. I may go out to Mount Laguna, along Sunrise Highway, for better viewing. This is a GREAT opportunity to...
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